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Sydney, and Australia have a rich diversity of voices.

Here are some links to help you find them...please send me similar links to insert here. There's also some descriptive text about each link further down the page.

The Poets Union

Token Imagination

The Red Room Company


Sydney Poetry


The Poets Union has a well-maintained site with comprehensive news about poetry in Australia. I highly recommend their email newsletter if you are interested in what's happening here.

Token Imagination appears on the radar from time to time...worth a look.

The Red Room Company [text from their site] "is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia. We create, promote and publish new poetry by Australian writers, in unusual ways. Through a range of forms such as radio, podcast, live performance and collaboration with artists and designers, we broaden the public's definition of and experience with high quality Australian poetry. Our projects focus on commissioning new work and developing imaginative contexts in which this poetry can be creatively and critically explored. We focus on supporting the work of young and emerging writers through individual projects, and are increasingly interested in engaging with regional and remote Australian voices."

Wordplay is back.

(On the Internet: this text from Geoff Lemon's Facebook announcement...)

So it's back, people. Well, not exactly back. A kind of version of it is back. Sort of like when they cloned Ripley in the fourth Alien movie. Is it really Ripley? It sure looks like Ripley. But then she has weird alien blood and keep burning acid-holes in things whenever she gets a papercut.

Wordplay the gig is not back, but Wordplay the site is back online, after being cut down cruelly in its prime. Thing is, it's like Ripley. It's come back supercharged and stronger and more hardcore than ever before. It can stab itself in the hands and break spaceship code-locks with its own BLOOD. That's hardcore.

It's back with more content, more features, more functionality, and it looks a lot prettier than before. Plus we have a whole bunch of new content just waiting. New audio sets will be uploaded weekly, four times a month. Many months of our best shows are available to keep and enjoy whenever you like. New Writer pages will appear regularly. And our video stockpile is now being edited for your online consumption. Plenty of reasons to go and find yourself some quality spoken word, rappage, and comedification at the online home of spokal verbage. And to keep checking back for new updates.

All of the mp3s have been carefully renamed and ID3 tagged so they can be easily identified and used in mp3 players and computer media players. They are all fully downloadable so you can take them with you wherever you go, or send them to friends. You can also stream them in-browser if you have something smart like Chrome (Firefox will autoplay them with your nominated media player. Internet Explorer will probably devour your children.) If you have iTunes, I don't know how your hellish contraption works, but I imagine it will auto-convert them to m4a for you when you import them.

Clemenceau and I have been closeted in a fetid den of HTML coding in Buenos Aires for some weeks to get all this together, so we're pretty happy that it's done. Now we can breathe air and speak to female people.I personally am so happy that I bribed him to log in to my forbidden Facebook account and send you all this invitation.

Also you can now subscribe to our RSS feeds, share anything you like on FB or Twitter, and leave comments on any page or post. Check the taskbar at the bottom for that sort of gear. So forward the details on to anyone who might be interested, and get along to have a look. And let me know what you think. (If you spot any problems, please do point them out)

We are back at our OLD, original domain, which is WWW.WORDPLAY.ORG.AU

Nothing more, nothing less.



Sydney Poetry

This is a social site for Sydney poets to get together, knock heads, spawn groups for general and picayune interests alike, shout-out about opportunities, to thrash out issues and debrief bungles, to share events (festivals, readings, launches), photos and ideas, and generally stay informed.

The objective is to bring together some of the various poetry tribes in Sydney, get some discussions going and provide a way for people both old and new to poetry in Sydney to find out what's going on.

As you can see the place is still a little bare, but it will grow and develop its own community and feel as time goes on. So join in. Comment on a forum topic or even start one. Check out the groups and if you don't see one for you, start a new group. Add your poetry events. Invite your poet friends to join.

The idea is based on the successful model of Sydney Cyclist – an unlikely inspiration you may feel, but if you want a sense of how the Sydney Poetry site could work head on over there to witness a vibrant social site in action. For the geeks amongst you the site is built on the same Ning platform.

So once again, welcome aboard. The site is a work in progress, but if it's anything like other Ning sites, we could be in for a lot of fun.

Best wishes,
Adrian Wiggins

(Received 21 March 2011)

Hey Jack,

I'm running a new performance night in Erskineville at the Hive Bar, every second Wednesday night. Kind of an open mic night where all performance is welcome. It's a place to try out new stuff or things that might not have a home on other stages. I'd love to have some poetry/spoken word sometime, or something else your poets would like to try given 10 minutes and an open stage.

Or check out the "performers" page on


Pete Lead

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